Saturday, December 3, 2011

Walking and Cleaning

This morning I confused Hiker. Instead of getting out of bed right after I fed her and let her out to potty, I got my laptop, turned on the TV and got back into bed. I just felt like lounging for once. After 37+ years of getting up early to go to work, I still don't sleep in too much. I'm usually up around 7:00 am and out the door with Hiker by 7:15 or so. Hiker could not figure out what was going on. At first she kept bumping me with her nose and then hitting me with her paw, trying to get me up to go for a walk, but finally she settled down and stretched out next to me and went to sleep for a little while. We got up around 8:00 and went for a 1.5 mile walk. I have not cried for several days but this morning, I cried while out on our walk. I was thinking about Ben's voice, his smile, his wit. Guess I needed a good cry. When we got home, I got to work finishing up on the shampooing of the carpet. All I had left was my bedroom and master bathroom. Took me about 1 1/2 hours to do and my carpet shampooer decided to crap out on me just as I was finishing. So when it's time to shampoo the carpet again I have 3 a new shampooer, rent one, or have a professional do the work. I'll have to see how my finances are at that time I guess. Also, does anyone out there have a Dyson Ball Vacuum Cleaner? I have wanted one for a long time. My vacuum is hard for me to push sometimes and I hear that with the big ball on the Dyson that they are easy to push around. I wanted one when Ben was alive, but he said they were too expensive, but if it will help me get the house cleaning done easier, it would be worth it. So if anyone has one, let me know if you like it and if it is easy to push and does it have a lot of suction. I have a lot of dog hair to vacuum up now. It was a little windy here all day. In fact, when Hiker and I were out for our morning walk, the wind was pretty cold. It was cold enough that when my gardener came by to mow, he had on a big heavy jacket. Went for a second 1.5 mile walk in the afternoon and it was still windy. We are actually having more wind right now than we had when they told us that big wind storm as coming. I was looking in the bathroom mirror earlier and say this really “old” woman looking back at me. I think that I have aged a lot since Ben died. I wonder what he'd think if he saw me looking so haggard.


  1. Your posts are always so interesting to read. That is so cute about your dog Hiker :) Yes, I know, sometimes it is nice to have a good cry. I'm sure things are hard right now for you.

    I don't have a dyson vacum cleaner- but they look cool with the ball thing on them.
    Belive me, you are not haggard. you look like a very sweet lady :)
    Thank you for writing, I enjoyed reading it!! Have a wonderful night.

  2. You are a nice looking lady Kay not haggard at all. I have a Oreck that I've had for years I don't think they wear out, lol. I like it but like you I have wondered about the dyson vac, They look like they do a great job cleaning and they say they're light. Take care. Jean

  3. Our fur babies like their routine. Our cats will come wake us up if we are not up by their feeding time. lol
    I just love the fact that you have Hiker. It warms my heart that the two of you have bonded. That is just so cool. Dogs seems to understand our hearts and moods sometimes. Tugie will give me a hug if she sees my crying by putting her head against me. Carpet shampooers and vacuums do not last long these days. I'm tired of spending 300 on them for them to fizzle on us just after the warranty dies. Why would a company want to make a vacuum last when they can make them crappy and get more sales in two years. Makes me mad. We rented a shampooer from Lowe's and it came with attachments to do the sofa too. It did a really good job. You may be able to get yours fixed too as another option - usually for about 75 bucks or so. But is it worth it? It was 50 to rent our shampooer here and then we had to buy the cleaning stuff to go with it. Probably more out there in CA where the cost of living is higher. Good luck with it all. But on the vacuums. I am probably going with cheapies from now on.


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