Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Group Day

I feel guilty about not going to the two cemeteries this year for Christmas. Ben and I didn't have a lot of traditions for Christmas, but one we did have was to take either a little Christmas tree or a poinsettia to the graves of my parents at Glenhaven Memorial Park and then also to the graves of his parents at Forest Lawn Memorial Park. I just cannot make myself go to the cemeteries alone this year. I have Ben's ashes here at home with me, so I don't have to go anywhere to visit with him. Woke up to a cold, partly cloudy morning. Took Hiker on a short 1 mile walk. She always seems to know when I am going to go away for part of the day and leaving her in the garage. She just sits and stares at me and doesn't want anything to do with the garage. I put her into the garage and headed out to meet my friend DeDee at the Senior Center for our Grief Group. It was a good group today. More “interactive” than normal. We went to lunch after group then I headed home to get Hiker out of the garage. As usual, she was really happy to see me. I took her for another short walk. She was so excited when she saw me pick up her leash to take her.


  1. Don't feel guilty about not making it to the cemeteries. Sometimes a person just has to deal with things in their own way - not by what they feel might be expected of them. I can only imagine how hard the holiday season can be without your Ben by your side. Just CHERISH those memories and happy times and think of those thoughts to help you through... and hug that Hiker a little more than necessary. Pets have a way of knowing when their beloved master is in the dumps and do wonders to lift the spirit.

  2. It's always hard to go and visit at the cemetaries, especially since this is another 'first' of visiting alone.
    We have buried six dear friends throughout the year, I stiil cry my eyes out, each time I visit their graveside.
    I'm so glad you have Hiker in your life, you are good for each other ;)


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