Sunday, December 4, 2011

Cold Morning, Cookies & Fudge

When I let Hiker out to go potty after her breakfast this morning, I saw that it was only 30° outside. I told Hiker that I was NOT going to take her out for a walk until it got warmer. She and I went back to bed to get warm. She got off the bed and down onto the floor and she threw up her breakfast. She has never done that before so I hope she is OK. She thought she was in trouble, but I hugged her and told her it was OK because she cannot control throwing up. She got back up on the bed and went to sleep. It was 18 years ago today that Ben and I moved into this house. I remember we were so excited that day. We had a new house for Christmas. This year I could care less. Stayed in bed until almost 8:00 and then got up and had breakfast and put my sheets and towels into the washer. They said on the morning news that the winds are coming back again. They are predicting 70 mph winds for Santa Clarita tonight, so I put all of the stuff back into the garage again just in case. My friend DeDee warned me yesterday that they said the winds would return. Had to go get my lotto tickets and I promised Hiker that when we got back from doing that, I'd take her for a walk, which I did. It was still a bit chilly out there. In the mid-40's. Today I made two kinds of fudge...chocolate with walnuts and peanut butter and also made some peanut butter cookies. I am going to take some of the fudge over to the people where Ben used to work but I cannot get it over there until sometime Thursday. I don't know where the big winds are supposed to come from tonight because it's as calm as can be outside right now. I had to go over to Home Depot this afternoon and when I was coming out of the store, I noticed a little dog tied to a pickup truck and somehow, the dog slipped out of his collar. Me and 2 other people were trying to get to the dog when the owner showed up thank goodness. Don't know why he didn't just keep the dog in the cab of the truck. What a moron!

Me and Ben - Christmas 1997
our 4th Christmas in our house


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