Monday, December 12, 2011

Stuck In The House Rainy Momday

It was drizzling a little when we woke up this morning. Not a lot, but things were wet. I don't like taking Hiker out for a walk in the rain because besides her back getting wet, her feet, legs and belly get muddy from walking through the wet stuff. I tried to take her out as it was not really raining. Luckily I took an umbrella because we got about 3 blocks out and it started to rain so we turned around and came right back home. Hiker loves to get dried off with the towel. It's funny how she hates to take a bath (or shower) but she doesn't mind being out in the rain. Had breakfast and then vacuumed the hair out of the carpet. Hiker sure sheds a lot for a short haired dog. I emptied enough hair out of the vacuum cylinder to cover a hairless Chihuahua (LOL). My vacuum seems to pick the hair up pretty good, but I still need a vacuum that is lighter and not so hard to maneuver. Contacted my insurance agent. He handles both my car insurance and my house/earthquake insurance. I told him that I do not drive my vehicles as much now since Ben is no longer here. That I only drive around the Santa Clarita Valley to go shopping, out to lunch, etc. They changed my annual miles per year on the 4Runner and saved me $144 per year. Kind of a “wasted” day. All I did was sit on the sofa watching TV except for the 30 minutes that I vacuumed the carpet. Hiker has been going crazy all day because she could not go outside for a walk.

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