Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bet I'll Be Sore Tomorrow

It was supposed to be raining this morning but it wasn't. I got up, made breakfast and then cleaned the master bathroom. When done with that, I de-odorized and vacuumed my carpets. Then I went outside and started weeding. Got most of the weeds in the front yard done, but stopped for lunch and a rest before I went out and finished the ones in the backyard. So I was pretty busy and getting a lot of exercise all day. I felt bad that I had not taken Hiker for a walk, so took her down to the park in the afternoon once I was done weeding. When we got home, I took a shower and then finally sat down to watch a little TV and relax. The weatherman sure blew it with his prediction for rain today. At 3:00 pm it was sunny and 80°. They had predicted 1” to 1.5” of rain. I cannot believe the changing weather we've had for the past few the 90's over the weekend, then cold and drizzly Monday and Tuesday. Supposed to rain today but didn't. Strange. I kept thinking it was Thursday all day for some reason.

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