Friday, April 27, 2012

Paper Flowers

Hiker and I stayed in bed late this morning. I just did not feel like getting up and doing anything. For some reason, I could not stop my tears from flowing today. I was not really sobbing or crying, but my eyes were just “weepy”. Seems like ever since my brother Keith left after his last visit with me that I feel really sad and alone. Finally got out of bed and made breakfast. I could tell that Hiker sensed that I was feeling down. She kept jumping up on my lap and she would lick me and try to get me to play. I took her out for a morning walk and it was beautiful outside this morning. I got a note from my friend Linda this morning asking if I would help her make some tissue flowers. She said she'd bring the materials over to my house this afternoon and she would show me how to do it. She was making them for the Cinco de Mayo lunch at the Senior Center. We worked on them most of the afternoon. Hiker just laid around and watched us.

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  1. I think Hiker tried to cheer you up. I've made lots of Kleenex flowers in my day for floats in the Armistce Day parade in my small country hometown. Now they just call it Homecoming and they buy the decorations.


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