Thursday, April 5, 2012

I Made It Through This Milestone

Today would have been Ben's and my 32nd wedding anniversary. This morning, I went back and read from his “journal” that I was keeping last year about this day one year ago. Our anniversary last year was not a good one as he was in the hospital. He was mostly “out of it” the entire time I was with him that day. I remember I kept thinking “next year we will make up for this anniversary”. I never realized that I'd be alone on our anniversary this year. Linda came by at 7:30 am and she, Hiker and I headed over to Quigley Canyon Open Space to meet our friend RuthAnne to go for a hike in the canyon. None of us had ever hiked this area before, so it was a new adventure for all of us. There are 4 trails there ranging from easy to difficult. We did an “easy” and a “moderate” trail for a total of 2.7 miles. Hiker smelled like sage brush when we got home. She must have ran through some while we were in the hills. It was really nice out this morning. When I got home, I went and picked up my eyeglasses, got my Lotto tickets and filled the Corolla with gas. Came back home, watched Y&R and had lunch, then took Hiker for a 1.5 mile afternoon walk. Stayed in the low 60's today but was warm in the direct sun. Our community office contacted us that more cars in our neighborhood had been broken into last night. I've been wondering if it has anything to do with the taggers who have been hitting Discovery Park. I'm wondering if they are walking into here late at night from the park. Or....whoever has been doing the tagging in the park lives in our community. That is a possibility also. So I survived my anniversary so far without my Ben.

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  1. Well done. It must have been a sad day. None of us know what lies ahead in a years time and just as well.


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