Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hot Hot Hot

Could not go to sleep last night for some reason. Took a sleep aid and finally fell asleep around 1:00 am. When I got up this morning, I decided to head over to Kaiser and get my Shingles vaccination. My doctor recommended I get it when I was there in January for my physical, but I didn't get it then. I'm a big chicken when it comes to shots, even though these days you really cannot feel them at all. I remember the Polio shots we got in school back in the 1950's when we were little and how much they hurt. They just have used “square” needles back then (LOL). After I did that, I stopped by my bank to cash some small checks I had received for doing online surveys, they went up to Kohl's because I had received another free $10 gift card from them. I had intended to use the card toward a new purse at Kohl's but they didn't have any that I liked so I used it on a screened T-Shirt and tank top, then I headed over to Target and as soon as I walked into the store and headed toward the purses, I saw exactly the one I've been looking for. Came home and took Hiker out for a short 1 mile walk. It was already 75° by the time we went to the park and it felt just too hot to walk much farther. I don't like leaving Hiker alone at home because I know how lonely she gets when I do that, but I just really needed to get out alone. I was feeling kind of like I had “cabin fever” or something. Ever since we had that big thunderstorm here, I have been feeling “extra” lonely. I'm sure I am feeling down because the 1 year anniversary of Ben's death is getting closer and closer and with the summer weather coming on, I'm having memories of vacations Ben and I used to take, so that doesn't help. Thank goodness my brother Keith is coming to visit this weekend. What's bad is that I'm feeling like I just want to go out and spend a bunch of money for some reason. Got very warm today. Was 85° at the time I normally take Hiker out for her afternoon walk so I told her I'd take her later after dinner. I know she doesn't understand, but at least I feel better about telling her that because she wants to go walk so bad.


  1. I must confess.....i read your blog everyday .. but..i don't think i've ever left a comment...
    i admire the bravery and grace with which you've handle the past year.....thanks for the good wishes for Mia...
    Enjoy your walks with Hiker..

    1. Thank you LindaMay for the nice comments.


  2. I've wondered about the Shingles shots. My doctor has never mentioned them.

  3. Just saw on the news that measles are coming back again. We hate to leave our dogs when we have to go somewhere also. One of them actually shakes when we start to leave.


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