Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Day With Some Of Ben's Family

Crisp and clear this morning. Whenever we have a rain, once it clears up we have such beautiful weather here in Santa Clarita. I had to run over to Home Depot and get a flush lever arm for one of my toilets. The one in the small bathroom broke last night. They make them out of plastic and after so long, the stress of pushing on the handle just breaks them. Bought a metal one this time, but it was too long for the toilet in the small bathroom. The lever arm kept hitting the tank lid and would not let the toilet flush, so I took the older lever from my master bathroom, put it on the toilet in the small bathroom and put the new lever on the toilet in my master. For some reason, the longer one works OK on that toilet. Took Hiker for a short walk this morning then came home and did some laundry and vacuumed. Watched one of Ben's very favorite movies on Turner Classic Movies...”The Great Race” with Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon and Natalie Wood. I always thought it was funny that Ben liked three old “musicals”...they were “The Great Race”, “The Music Man” and “Damn Yankees”. He knew all of the dialog and all of the songs to these musicals and he would sit and sing along with them whenever we watched them. Ben's sister Donna called me and said she and her husband Rich wanted to have lunch with me so I met them over at Dink's New York Deli. Their son Richard and his wife Jenny and daughter Amelia joined us. After lunch, Donna, Rich and I wandered around the mall some and then went back to my house. Rich wanted to play with Hiker. He loves dogs and they lost one right after Ben passed away. We took Hiker for a walk and then I gave Donna some things of Ben's I had found from his cards, baby book, etc. Had a very nice day.

Here is a picture of Donna, Hiker and Rich. The sun was behind them and I took it from my iPhone so it kind of came out faded.

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  1. Replacing those levers is always a pain. Everytime I've done it here something goes wrong. Glad you were able to figure out yours. The movie sounds nice. I may have seen it, but I just do not remember? What a sweet picture. I'm glad you had a GREAT day. Take care.


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