Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Starting To Get Warm

Took Hiker out for a short walk this morning before I headed over to the Senior Center for my grief group. Our group therapist was an hour late for group today because she came out to get in her car to come to the Senior Center and her battery was dead. There were a lot of people at group today, so in her absence we all just started talking and went around the room and let everyone say whatever they wanted to say. It actually went pretty good. I didn't go to lunch today because DeDee was not at group and my other friend Ruth had a hair cut appointment. I came home, hugged Hiker while she went crazy giving me hugs and kisses, changed into some shorts and then I made some lunch. After lunch I went outside and fixed a sprinkler in the front yard that I noticed was squirting nothing but the side of the house, which would eventually rot the siding if I didn't do something about it. Then I uncovered my A/C unit because they keep saying we will be in the mid-90's by this weekend. When I got home from group it was in the low-80's but the house felt nice a cool because it had been all closed up and I had turned the fan on for Hiker. Hopefully won't have to run the A/C for a few days. Took Hiker down to the park but we only stayed a few minutes because it was too hot. I had to use my “Report Graffiti” app on my iPhone again. Someone had painted all over one of the concrete picnic tables.

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  1. It's good you are getting the A/C ready, though. The weather will get hot soon enough. I have been enjoying the weather over the last couple of days, because it is not too hot...and it isn't cold. Thanks for sharing.


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