Thursday, May 22, 2014

Another Cool And Cloudy Day

Another day of sleeping in. I stayed up last night watching a full length video on YouTube that my brother Ron had suggested. I was called “Supervolcano”. Ron knows that I sometimes worry about the caldera at Yellowstone erupting. Then one of the dogs that lives behind me barked all night long. I went and did my grocery shopping this morning then came home and did some house work. Picked one of the tomatoes from my Topsy Turvy planter on my patio today and had it in my salad at lunchtime. Yummy. Hiker and I went for a short afternoon hike up at Vasquez Rocks. It was cloudy and cool. The yucca plants were blooming and so were several of the bushes. The Pacific Crest Hiking Trail runs through Vasquez Rocks and this was the first time I've actually seen people actually hiking the trail. Most of the time I see visitors walking along the trail, but I could tell that these were “hard-core” hikers because they had the huge backpacks and all of the equipment. I counted about eight hikers spread out along the trail.


  1. It is getting hot here in the south. We know that a earthquake could happen anytime. So guess we all have something to worry us.
    Just be happy while we can!!! lol

  2. The video sounds interesting. How cool is it that the Topsy Turvy works. I bet it was the best tomato ever. LOVE the selfie of you and Hiker.


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