Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Nice, Cool, Cloudy Day

Slept in this morning for the first time in over a week. Felt really good. Decided to make myself a big breakfast. Had a fried egg, hash browns and toast. I was so full from all that food that I skipped lunch today. Got a call from the community office telling me that they got the vouchers so I could get the free water saving sprinkler heads for my yard. The water people sure don't make it easy for you. They naturally need to know how many of each kind of heads you need. At the water open house the other day, they made it appear the all of the sprinkler heads were adjustable, but they are not. They also want you to draw a grid of your yard so they can see how your irrigation is set up. Well I am not a landscaping architect. I did my best, but it looks like a second grader drew it. My neighbor Jean and I will head over to the irrigation store on Friday to see if they will accept our childish drawings and give us the sprinkler heads. This afternoon, Hiker and I drove over to Bridgeport Lake and walked around. It had gotten very cloudy. Hiker kept trying to catch the ducks along the edge of the lake.

Hiker "duck hunting"

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  1. Hiker looks very interested in those ducks. Glad you didn't let her catch any. Good luck with the sprinklers.


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