Monday, May 5, 2014

Much Cooler Today

Up early for our dog walk with Jean and her 3 dogs. Was much cooler this morning. Was very happy about that. We let the dogs play a little in my backyard and then Jean went home. I made some breakfast and then headed over to Wal-Mart. When I got back home, settled down to watch a little TV and then had lunch. After lunch, Hiker and I headed over to PetCo. I needed to get her some breath mints. Wal-Mart used to carry them, but has not had them for a few months. On our way home from PetCo, we stopped at Central Park in Saugus and did a mile walk. As we walked past the dog park, Hiker wanted to go into the dog park, so we did. There were no other dogs there at the time. I'm guessing that's why Hiker wanted to go in. If there are other dogs there, she usually pulls away from the dog park. I let her run around loose for awhile then 2 people showed up with another dog. The dog came running up to Hiker and the touched noses, then Hiker was ready to leave. When we got home, I paid a few bills and then vacuumed the carpet. The 1 mile walk and doing the vacuuming should have been enough exercise for me today. It stayed in the mid 70's all day and got a little breezy.

Walked in Central Park today.

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  1. Glad Hiker enjoyed the doggie park even without the company.


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