Monday, May 19, 2014

Nice Cool Day

Up at 6 am this morning and out for a dog walk with Jean at 7 am. Keith is having a little bit of pain. He has the same back problems I do and he has been going for physical therapy. The therapist showed him how to do some stretching to help his back and now he seems to have pulled a muscle in his chest area from doing the stretching last evening. It's hell getting old. After our walk with Jean, I made some breakfast and then Keith and I headed over to Wal-Mart. Was so much cooler here today. Even clouded up some. We went to Topper's Pizza for lunch. They have a great lunch individual pizza and a salad for about $6 and add a bottomless soda for another $2. Best pizza in town. In the afternoon we took Hiker over to Hart Park and she spotted the American Bison that they have there. I think she wanted to herd them. Keith will be heading home later this evening.

Hiker spots the bison. Maybe she wanted to herd them.

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  1. Hope your brother's back improves. You are right on the money about getting older. LOVE that photo of Hiker looking at the bison. PRICELESS.


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