Friday, May 9, 2014

Clean Up Hiker Day

Got up at 6 am to head out at 7 am for our dog walk with Jean. Jean is taking care of one of our neighbor's two dogs while they are away for a few days, so we walked seven dogs this morning and then we picked up our other neighbor's dog who was going back to Jean's house to be groomed. Hiker also got groomed today. She got a bath and I had Jean shave Hiker's hair off because she has been shedding so bad. So now Hiker looks really skinny. While Jean was grooming Hiker, I went back over to Kaiser's pharmacy to pick up my refill of Crestor. Found it very strange that two months ago, when I got my first bottle of Crestor at Kaiser, they charged me $75 for it. My doctor refilled it and gave me three more refills on it and this time they only charged me $25 for it. It's the exact same medication and I got the exact same amount. I was happy to hear it was only $25 this time. Went back over to Jean's to pick up Hiker. Her hair is so short it makes her look so skinny. Also kind of makes her look like a puppy again. Jean said that Hiker had so many layers of under-coat that it took awhile to shave it all off. After lunch, Hiker and I went over to Todd Longshore Park and walked about a mile around the park. My knee has been bothering me so when it started to hurt, we came back home.

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  1. Glad to hear your prescription cost has decreased. Hiker looks sweet with the new haircut. Hope your knee feels better soon.


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