Sunday, May 25, 2014

Pleasant Sunday

I made Hiker sleep in again today. I am always so sleepy these days. We got up around 8 am and had a quick breakfast, then went to get my lottery tickets. Decided while we were out, we'd head over to Whitney Canyon for a morning hike. We had not been in that canyon for awhile. We hiked a little over 2 miles. There were finally some wild flowers in the hills, but everything is already turning brown from the heat and lack of water. Hiker got to say hi to a few dogs along the trail. Came back home and I tossed my bed sheets and bathroom towels into the washer. Glad we had gone out for a hike early because by noon it was over 80° here. It was a nice Sunday.

The "selfie" of me and Hiker while on our hike this morning

The "Mighty" Hiker Dog

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  1. The mighty hiker dog is sweet for sure. A shame the drought is keeping most of the flowers from blooming.


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