Thursday, May 29, 2014

Relaxing Thursday

Actually forced myself to get up a little after 7 am this morning and by 7:30 am, Hiker and I were out on a walk. It was already getting warm at that time. We did about a mile and a half and then came home and had some breakfast. Hiker and I then got in the car and headed over to buy my lottery tickets for this Saturday. When we got home, I put Hiker outside and then mopped all of my “hard” floors. They really needed it. The water was “black” when I was done. Funny, you cannot see the dirt on them, but when you clean them the water sure gets dirty. Got up to about 85° on my patio today so I made a jug of sun tea. Even though I bought the Keurig and some tea k-cups, I still have a bunch of tea bags so I need to use them up. I'm a “happy camper”. I found out that Ion TV is showing “The Ghost Whisperer” again in the afternoon. One of my favorite shows.

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