Saturday, May 10, 2014

Busy Saturday

Hiker and I got out of bed just before 7 am this morning. She wouldn't let me stay in bed any longer. She kept wanting to play. Had some cereal and did a few other things around the house, then my neighbor Jean came by and picked me up to go over to the Open House at the Castaic Water District facility. They were offering some short classes about water saving irrigation and plants that are more tolerant to our dry weather. We also walked around their experimental gardens. They plant things there to see how well the survive in our kind of clay dirt and with our climate before they decide to plant them around the city. After leaving the open house, we went to AT&T so Jean could get a new cell phone, then we went to lunch at Del Taco and on the way home we stopped by Green Thumb Nursery to look at some ground cover plants. Hiker was excited to see me when I walked in the door. Starting to get warm here again. 80° on my patio today and supposed to get back up into the 100's this coming week. Not happy about that.

Hiker looking very puppy-like with her very short hair
Garden at Castaic Water District Facility
Cool plant in the garden
Orion the Owl

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  1. The Open House at the Castaic Water District facility sounds interesting for sure. I liked Orion the Owl. Hiker looks cute with the new haircut.


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