Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day With My "Little Girl" Hiker

Got up around 7:15 am. Was going to stay in bed a little longer, but Hiker wanted me to get up. Guess she wanted to spend Mother's Day with her mommy. I made some waffles for breakfast and then Hiker and I went to get my lottery tickets. Came back and went for a nice morning walk. Decided to sit out on the patio some this morning with my computer. It was warm and breezy and I thought I'd get out and enjoy the nice weather. Hiker was wandering around the back yard. She cracked me up. She was eating grass like she always does and she belched and farted at the same time. I think she scared herself because she took off running like something was chasing her. I think she thought she was about to explode (LOL). She is so funny. Watched a few movies and just had a nice restful Sunday with Hiker.

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  1. that is such a funny story about Hiker. Glad you had a wonderful day with your girl.


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