Friday, May 23, 2014

The Start Of A Holiday Weekend

Had our Friday dog walk with Jean today so we were up at 6 am. After the walk, Jean and I headed over to the irrigation company to pick up our free sprinkler heads. I don't know why the water district people made such a big deal about doing a sketch of the yard and where the sprinkler heads would go. The guy only wanted the list of what kinds of heads we needed (spraying distance and pattern). Stopped by PetCo on our way home because I wanted to buy a new chew antler for Hiker. She had chewed the one I bought her last year down to a nub and I was worried that she might get it stuck in her throat. I don't know why they charge so much for the antlers. They cost even more than Nyla Bones and those are pretty expensive. So I decided to switch out the sprinkler heads and I find that they lied to us about what kind they are. The claimed they were the ones that “stream” instead of “spray” but they still spray. I've seen the “stream” ones at the park and they are totally different. But I got a bunch of sprinkler heads for free, so it's not all bad. It had started out all “May Gray” here this morning but by late afternoon, it had reached 80° and it is supposed to be even warmer of the holiday weekend. Hiker and I have no plans for the weekend, so we'll stay in the cool house if it gets too hot.

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  1. I guess you can't complain if the sprinkler heads are free. Have a nice weekend. ENJOY.


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