Sunday, May 18, 2014

Another Fun Day

Got up around 8 am. Had some waffles for breakfast and then Keith and I headed over to Bed, Bath & Beyond. Also stopped by Kohl's and a few other stores. By the time we stopped back by home, it was time for lunch so we went over to Der Wienerschnitzel. Came back home and got Hiker and went over to Central Park to let Hiker enjoy the nice day. She wanted to go into the dog park, so we took her in and let her run around for awhile. She still never lets me get much farther than about 20 or 30 feet away from her. She is constantly looking back to see where I am. We walked around the park some and then came back home. Got up to around 83° on my patio today. Much nicer than it has been the past few days and supposed to be cooler tomorrow.

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  1. Der Wienerschnitzel sounds like an interesting place to lunch. Glad you got a little shopping in and that Hiker got to run free in the dog park.


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