Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Blood Work Day

Slept in this morning. I had to go over to Kaiser around 9 am to have some blood drawn for a lipid test to see if the Crestor is helping to lower my cholesterol. I always used to be afraid of shots. I hated needles. When I was a little kid, I hated the Polio shots at school. I even talked my mom out of making me get a vaccination for Small Pox. After having a needle stuck into my eye 3 times and again on May 16th, getting a needle poke in the arm ain't so bad (LOL). After I left Kaiser, I headed over to Stater Brothers and did my grocery shopping. I am getting so bad lately. I've been having a sweet tooth and I want to buy pies and cakes. I found a lemon meringue pie on the “day-old” cart for half price, so into my grocery basket it went. I'm so bad! After lunch, I had to take a package up to the post office to mail and then Hiker and I went over to Canyon Country Park for a walk. It was cool and breezy today. Stayed in the low 60s and was partly cloudy.


  1. I hate needles too, Kay. I guess we won't be getting any tattoos will we? HA!
    The low 60's, that is PERFECT weather for a hike, much better than 93!!

  2. I hate needles too. That lemon meringue pie sounds delicious.

  3. Hope your cholesterol is better. I took Lipitor for a year in 2004 before realize that it damaged the muscles in my legs/feet.... I decided at that time NEVER to take another statin drug... Hope you don't have any problems.

    Pray for me tomorrow as I go through my surgery.


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