Friday, May 16, 2014

Another Hot Day

Up at 6 am and it was already getting hot outside. Hiker and I did a short dog walk with Jean and her dogs before leaving for my appointment for my eye injection. They did not dilate my eyes this time, so that was a good thing. I hate how long it takes for the effects of the dilation to go away. I was under the impression and I thought the nurse told me that today was my final eye injection. I have an appointment for a tech to take photos of the inside of my eye on June 11th and then I have a follow-up appointment with the doctor on June 13th. I noticed on my paperwork on the way home that it said I have another eye injection appointment in July. Also they made it during the 2 weeks that I am on call for jury duty down in Los Angeles at the Federal Court House. When I got home, I called the appointment scheduler and asked her about the appointment and she said it was for an injection. I told her I thought I was done with the injections after today and I also had to change the date because of being on call for the jury so she changed the date. After speaking with her, I sent an email to my doctor to see if I really do have to have another eye injection. I'm waiting for his reply which may not come until next week but that's OK since I'll see him in June I can ask him then if I don't hear from him before. A good thing was that the nurse told me my vision in my right eye had improved. Even though I still have the distortion from the Macular Pucker, my right eye is now 20/30 with my glasses and my left eye is 20/20 with my glasses. Before my right eye was 20/50. Jean and I stopped by the Sizzler for lunch on our way home. Was hot here again. Got up to 103°. Keith we be here this evening for his visit.

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  1. Enjoy the visit with your brother. Glad your eye situation is better. WOW 103 is hot. was 42 last night here.


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