Thursday, October 30, 2014

Busy Thursday

Well today started out “weird” for me. Hiker did not wake me up around 6 am as normal. I woke up and it was already well after 6 am so I jumped out of bed and found her in the living room. I let her outside. When she came back in we went back to bed. I was exhausted because I had trouble going to sleep last night due to the fact that my muscles were aching. Don’t know if it is because of my Crestor or because I’ve been walking more again.
I fell back to sleep almost immediately and I started to dream. First I was dreaming that my brother Keith and I had been on a trip and I had purchased a huge painting. Don’t know what the painting was but supposedly it was very expensive and I got it for a steal. I decided to try to sell it at an auction house. When I bought it, the canvas was in the frame, but when I was at the auction house, they were separate. They were looking at the frame to put a value on it and Keith got the canvas but it was torn and they were telling me that it needed to be repaired before they could make me an offer on it.
That dream went away and then I was dreaming that I was home, but it looked like the first home where Ben and I had lived. My mom who passed away 16 years ago was there with me and so was Hiker. Ben was not in the dream. I saw my neighbor Valerie who had just rented a room to some young people. They were making all kinds of noise and she was apologizing to me about it. Hiker was digging under a bush and I kept telling her to stop. Then it was no longer Hiker, it was a baby elephant. Seems I had planted pumpkins and the elephant was eating them. There was this one really big pumpkin that I picked up but I noticed it was very light in weight. Someone told me it was because I had watered it too much.
I woke up with a start and it was almost 8:30 am. Hiker came running into my bedroom from the front of the house and I accused her of letting me over sleep.
Got up and headed out to Sam’s Club. Wanted to take advantage of several paperless coupons they had.
Hiker and I did not go for a walk today because I had to check out my Emergency Kit to be sure all of my flashlights were working and that all of my batteries are good, plus check on the dates on the canned foods I have in it. Also had to do my vacuuming. Couldn’t do it tomorrow because most of the day I will be at our community rec room helping decorating it for tomorrow night’s Halloween Party. I’ll be judging the kids’ costumes tomorrow evening.

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  1. Dreams are interesting, that's for sure. HAPPY HALLOWEEN.


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