Monday, October 27, 2014

Somewhat Busy Day

Had our “every Monday” dog walk with Jean and her dogs. It was only 42° and I actually had to wear a sweater. I love it!
After lunch I took Hiker over to the South Fort Trail to do a 2 mile walk. It still gets a little warm in the afternoons, but nothing like it was during the summer months.
When I got home I found that my Kaiser Medicare paperwork had finally shown up in my mailbox. They claimed they had sent the package to me the end of September and I never got it, so I called them about 2 weeks ago and told them, so they said they sent me another one. I called them Friday to ask a couple of questions and they told me the package had been sent out on October 22nd. Well, today I don’t get just one package, I get two identical packages. The postmark on one was October 23rd and the other was postmarked October 24th. But at least I finally got it.
So I spent the afternoon filling the forms out and tomorrow I have to go online to the Lockheed website and enroll online with them for my Medicare supplemental insurance.
Covered up my air conditioner this afternoon. As I said, it is still warm in the afternoons but not warm enough to run the A/C.

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  1. WOW it sure took that one packet of information a long time to arrive. Makes you wonder where it's been? Love that pic of Hiker.


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