Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Good Day At Group

Up at 7 am to get ready to go to my grief support group today. It was good to be back with my friends in the group. We had a really good session today. Most of the “old” regulars were there. We had two new people come in. One woman and one man. The woman didn’t say anything while she was there but we got the guy to talk. He lost his wife of 45 years in March and his kids made him sell his house and all of his belongings and then they passed him from his daughter’s home to his son’s home and he said he just feels so alone and left out of everything. He is thinking about getting an apartment so we all gave him information about the senior apartments in the Santa Clarita Valley.
Edwin didn’t show up and neither did Paul. Five of us ladies went to lunch and had a fun time as we always do. For a bunch of “old ladies” we act like a bunch of teen-aged girls when we are together.
Nice weather here today, in the low to mid 80s.
I finally got into the Social Security website this morning. If you recall, they had sent me an email telling me that my “annual statement” was online and ready to view. Well when I looked at it, it didn’t look any different than it did the last time I looked at it.
I’ve made the decision that if Lockheed does not offer the Kaiser Senior Advantage health insurance plan to me when I get my packet from them, that I am going to go ahead and sign up with Kaiser on my own, since I’m already a member of Kaiser and just tell Lockheed to “go pound sand”. I looked at the individual plan that Kaiser offers for seniors and it actually looks like it might be cheaper for me to just go with them on my own than to go with them through Lockheed, so I will just wait and see what happens when I get my enrollment packet from Lockheed.
I bought a new microwave last week. My old one was one that Ben and I bought way back in the late 1980s or early 1990s. The old one was not cooking the middle of my food anymore. It still worked but not as well as it should. Here in our community, we have a work crew who takes care of the grounds and other things and if we put items out by the curb with a free sign on it, they will usually take it and repair it or scrap it out for money. I had the old microwave out all day yesterday and no one ever took it, but I put it out again this morning and it was gone when I got home from group. I’m glad because I thought I was going to have to take it over to Best Buy so they could recycle it.
Hiker is all stretched out in her usual spot on the sofa. I think the trip to my brother’s wore here out – LOL.

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  1. It was nice you tried to help the new man in group. hopefully he will be okay. lunch with you ladies sounds like fun, indeed.


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