Monday, October 6, 2014

Still Hot

I had the strangest dream last night. I dreamt that I was going to attend a reunion with school mates. I remember I had to go to a place where we were to get on a bus and then had to a place where we were going to get on a bus. I met up with Denise Welch (now Van Eps) and we got on the bus. We noticed that we did not recognize any of the people on the bus which we thought was strange because these were supposed to be the people we went to school with. The bus headed for the place where we were to get on the boat and when we got there, Denise and I met up with Madolyn Line (now Nix) and the three of us got on the boat. Now this was not a big cruising boat, it was a small ferry-like boat and still we did not recognize any of the people. We were packed on the ferry like sardines. They I woke up. I found it strange that I dreamt this because in a post on Madolyn’s Facebook page today, she posted that she and Denise and I met 60 years ago. We were all 5 years old and had just started Kindergarten. There was a group of us who started Kindergarten together and went all the way through Jr. High and High School together. Me, Denise, Madolyn, plus Mary Ann Pennala (now Kahanic), Cheryl Mullins (now Petersen) who are all on Facebook and the ones I have lost contact with… Barbara Gepfer (now Schambers) who is also on FB who I just connected with today, Barbara Folkins and Donna Koch.
Somehow the alarm on my clock got set and it went off at midnight. Don’t know how it got turned on because I have not used that alarm clock since I got my first iPhone. I always use my iPhone alarm to wake up in the morning. Had trouble going back to sleep, but finally I was able to do so, and I stayed asleep until 6 am when my iPhone alarm went off.
Funny how our mornings have been so nice a cool, perfect fall weather, but then out afternoons are in the 100’s. They are saying that we should start to cool down now. I sure hope so.
Got some housework done today. Temps hit 102° this afternoon.

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