Sunday, October 12, 2014

First Full Day In Paradise, CA

We stayed up late last night watching a movie. I always have trouble falling asleep the first night we get here. Hiker could not figure where she wanted to sleep. First she was on the cot with me then she realized there was not enough room for the both of us, so she got under the cot for a while. I think she finally ended up in her collapsible crate. She woke me up around 6:12 am to go outside.
My older brother Ron was already up and getting dressed in his room so I went ahead and got up and so did Keith. We waited for my nephew Matt to get here so we could go to breakfast over at the Black Bear Diner.
After breakfast we came back and got Hiker and then went for a 30 minute, one and a half mile walk through the old cemetery behind my brother’s apartment. I could really tell how out of shape I have gotten because I was huffing and puffing and my legs were killing me, but I survived.
We came back and sat around at the apartment for a while and then we went over to Bille Park and did some more walking.
Hiker met another Australian Cattle Dog there. It was a 5 year old male and they seemed to get along pretty good. There was some old man at the park who kept mumbling “This is NOT a dog park”. I don’t know what his problem was. We knew it was not a regular dog park and Hiker was on her leash the entire time we were there. I think maybe he just did not like dogs.
When we got back home from the park it was passed lunch time, but we were all so full from the huge breakfast we had that we decided to wait until dinner time to have anything to eat. We are thinking about pizza.

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  1. Shame on that man for grumbling about such sweet dogs. That Black Bear diner sounds intriguing. Hiker will adjust better to her sleeping arrangements on day 2.


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