Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Heading Home In The Morning

This morning, Hiker, me, Keith, Ron and Matt headed down towards Chico, CA. We stopped along “The Skyway” at Vista Point to check out the view of Butte Creek Canyon and then drove down into the canyon to visit the Honey Run Covered Bridge. I was wondering if there was much water in Butte Creek since we have not had much rain in California, but it still has quite a bit of water.
After leaving the bridge, we headed down to the Genetic Resource and Conservation Center in Chico. They have a nice little nature trail that runs alongside Comanche Creek. We usually go there to take a nice walk when we visit. Hiker likes it there too. Funny, she is so afraid of taking a bath, but she seems to love the creeks up here. If I did not have her on a leash, I think she might just jump in.
We left the center and headed over to Upper Bidwell Park to hike around a little. There were a lot of students up there. Some younger ones who appeared to be on a field trip and then a group of students from Chico State. We were thinking maybe there were in a geology class as they were looking at rock formations in the park.
We brought Hiker back to Ron’s apartment and then then we went over to Izzy’s to have a burger. I think they have the best burgers in Paradise, CA.
Kept getting cloudier as the day progressed. We are supposed to have some rain starting tonight into tomorrow.
Keith, Hiker and I will be heading back home tomorrow morning so email blog may be later in the day.

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