Friday, October 10, 2014

Fun Day

I got up early this morning to do a dog walk with Jean while Keith slept in for a little while.
After the dog walk, had breakfast and then Keith, Jean and I headed over to Lombardi Ranch. I love to go over there every year to take “autumn photos”. Each year, the Scarecrow Alley seems less interesting. I remember one year when they had some really fantastic scarecrows. Now they are so-so. The place was full of school kids as usual.
We went to Topper’s Pizza for lunch. I think it is my favorite place for pizza and my friend Jean said she heard that they are going to build another one in Canyon Country which is where I live.
Hiker is so happy with Keith here. She loves him so much.
Got up to around 90° here today.

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  1. LOVE the photos you took of the pumpkin patch. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


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