Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

Up early to do our Friday dog walk with Jean and her dogs. Was very cloudy and cool while we were out this morning. Let the dogs have a little play time in the back yard.
At 10 am, Jean and I headed over to our community rec room to help get things ready for the Halloween Party tonight. Chris, our neighbor and manager of the community, had most of the decorating done, so we helped her with getting the treats ready. Decorated cookies, made “mummy dogs” and popcorn, etc.
We will head back over there around 4:30 pm to get any food that needs to be warmed up done and make sure everything is ready. The party starts at 5:30. The costume judging starts early, so we have to be there to check out all of the kids.
I will have to watch “Y&R” online tonight since I didn’t see it this morning and I probably won’t be home until after TVGN shows it. Although, if I’m still awake at 12 midnight, TVGN shows it again.

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