Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Cleaning House Day

Wednesday is my day for sleeping in until 8 am. The bed felt so good this morning. Hiker kept bugging me to get up.
Got up and made some breakfast and then ran the scans on all of my laptops.
Keith texted me to tell me that he is coming up tomorrow morning instead of waiting until Friday. The place that he does contract work for has been slow so they have not had much work for him.
Cleaned my house, which as you all know, I really hate to do, but it’s something that must be done. When I get the vacuum out, Hiker hides and as I move with it from room to room, I see her running as fast as she can from one hiding place to another. She is so funny.
Got up to 96° here today. A little cooler than it has been, but still pretty warm.


  1. It'll be nice to see your brother. Hiker is a silly girl hiding from the vacuum.

  2. 96 degrees? Yipes... I am complaining when it gets into the high 70's here in Fall. ha ha .... I like Fall to be cool/cold---but except for a couple of days, we have had warm weather so far!!! BUT--I'd really be complaining if it were 96... ha

    I know how much you enjoy seeing your brother.... Hope it cools off some so that you all can get out and hike.... Hiker will enjoy seeing Keith.

    I laughed while thinking about Hiker running away from that mean vacuum... ha



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