Thursday, October 2, 2014

Getting Hot Again

Stayed up late last night and watched the new show “Stalker”. It was pretty good, but I still think the best two shows of the new season are “Madam Secretary” and “Scorpion”.
Got my results back from my blood work last night. My cholesterol went down a little more, so the Crestor really seems to be working. I emailed my doctor and told him I was pleased with the results and asked him about me still taking the over-the-counter Red Yeast Rice. He told me to stop taking it and try again to take the Crestor 4 times a week but if I get the muscle pains to go back to just 3 times a week. Actually he told me I can test it anyway I want and see how much of the Crestor I can tolerate. We are thinking that the combination of the Crestor and the natural statins in the Red Yeast Rice was too much statin for my body to tolerate.
Trouble is I just bought a new bottle of Red Yeast Rice at Sam’s Club last week and I really hate to toss it. Wish I knew someone who is taking RYR so I could give it to them.
I started taking the Crestor in February and in the past 8 months my total cholesterol has gone down 124 points (37%), my triglycerides have gone down 33 points (12%), my good cholesterol has gone up 3 points and my bad cholesterols has gone down 121 points (55%). Wish my triglycerides would go down more.
Anyway…tomorrow should be a fun day. My neighbor Jean and I will be driving up to Ventura to their fair grounds to the Harvest Festival. It’s supposed to be around 105° here in Santa Clarita tomorrow, so hopefully it will be much cooler up there since the fair grounds are right on the beach.
Got up to 96° here today.

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  1. Have fun at the Harvest Festival. ENJOY! Love that picture of Hiker.


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