Monday, August 31, 2015

A Little Cooler Here Today

Had our dog walk with Jean and her dogs this morning. It was a lot cooler out this morning than it has been and there were a lot of people out walking, jogging and biking.
After breakfast, Hike and I went out to get my lottery tickets.
So I had received the renewal for Hiker’s dog license. I decided since I had to give them proof of her getting her rabies vaccination, I’d drive up to our local county shelter and renew it in person. I usually do it online. I took Hiker with me because we all know how much she loves to go on car rides and I figured because it was an animal shelter, they would allow her into the building.
Well we get there. It’s 90° outside. I put her leash on her and head for the main office and I see a sign on the door that says no dogs allowed inside. I couldn’t leave her in the car so I tied her up in the shade just outside of the office door.
I go inside and the guy says “did you just tie your dog up out there” and I said “yes. I didn’t know she was not allowed inside and I can’t leave her in the hot car”. So he told me to go outside and get her and bring her inside because they can’t take the risk that she might bite someone. So I leave my paperwork with him and I go out to get her, bring her inside and he’s already done recording everything and all he needs is my payment. I paid him and we were done.
I don’t know why he made a big deal about her being tied up by the door as no one else was around and it only took 5 minutes to do what had to be done. Also I cannot believe that an animal shelter does not allow animals into the building. Strange. He did thank me for not leaving her in the hot car.

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