Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday On The Sofa

Went for a 1.4 mile walk this morning. It was really nice the 60's and partly cloudy. But they are saying that this week we are going to be up in the 100's again. After my walk I had breakfast and then did a little cleaning. I keep wondering if the feeling that Ben is still alive somewhere and that someday he will be coming home will ever go away. I no longer envision him as the sick, weak man in the hospital bed. I envision him as he was before he got sick, standing there smiling at me. Each time I clean around the house, I seem to remove or put away something that reminds me of Ben. Today I cleaned off his sink counter in the master bathroom. Just basically sat the sofa all day and messed around on my computer and had the TV on. I never got a call from The Gentle Barn about my orientation for tomorrow so I called them to make sure it's still on and they said it was, so I'll head over there in the morning.

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