Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday With My Brother

My brother Keith is here with me for the weekend. It's always so nice to have him come and visit. I love the company and someone to converse with. We went over to the mall here in town and had lunch at “5 Guys Hamburgers”. I had never been to a 5 Guys and Keith kept telling me how good their burgers were and he was correct. After lunch we went over to the Apple Store and played around with the iPads for a little while and then walked around The Patios as the mall. Left there and came buy home to pick up our cameras and then headed over to Bridgeport Market Place to the duck pond. There were a lot of turtles there today. The ducks didn't like the hot weather and they kept trying to get into the shade. After we left there we drove over to Tesoro Adobe Historic Park. Ben and I had gone there on a Sunday last year and took the guided tour of the adobe, but Keith and I got there after touring hours today, so we just walked around the grounds. We might go for an early evening walk once the sun goes down a little. It didn't even get up to 90 degrees today, so it wasn't too bad outside.

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  1. Sounds like you had a pleasant day,with even the temperatures cooperating.


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