Saturday, August 13, 2011

Solitude Saturday

Stayed up last night watching another free On Demand movie. This one was called “Murder 101 – College Can Be Murder”. It starred Dick Van Dyke. It was one of his movies where he played a college professor and he dabbled in solving crime. It was pretty good. I went to sleep about 20 minutes after I went to bed but kept waking up all night long. I just hope that some day, I'll get back to where I can sleep through an entire night again. Got up and made myself some pancakes for breakfast then I cleaned the smaller of my two bathrooms. A little after 11:30 am, my older brother Ron called me from Paradise, CA. He said he knows that weekends are bad for me so he called “just to talk”. That was sweet of him. After talking with him, I called to see if my new eyeglasses were ready for me to pickup and they told me they would be ready for me to pickup tomorrow after 11:00 am. Watched another free On Demand movie called “Thicker Than Water” with Melissa Gilbert and Lindsay Wagner. Had someone call me about the recumbent exercise bicycle I have for sale on Craig's List. Have posted it 3 times now. The first time I got one call for it and they left a message as I was not home. I called back and got their voice mail but they never called back. Now this one wanted me to deliver the bike but I told her that I do not have a way to deliver it, plus it would be too heavy for me to lift. She said she will try to see if she can find someone to bring her to my house and if she does, she will call me back. Had lunch. Made a tuna patty and warmed up the left over noodles I had for dinner last night. Looked at the TV schedule and see that there is a movie for me to watch tonight at 8:00 pm on ION Television called “3000 Miles To Graceland”. Will have to try to figure out what to have for dinner tonight. Probably just end up with a frozen dinner. Went online and made an appointment to have the 4Runner serviced on Wednesday morning. I hate having to maintain the vehicles. That was Ben's “job”. I took care of the house and the finances and he was supposed to take care of the vehicles and me.


  1. It's still a time for grieving Kay, I can only imagine the emptiness...
    I think it was sweet of your brother to call, knowing weekends are the hardest for you.
    Stay busy, hold Ben's memories close.
    Hugs to you,

  2. Some of the new roles that come with being alone are not easy to get used to.For me the finances was a big one.Jake did such a good job of that.


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