Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday Group & Lunch Out

Slept a little better last night even though I didn't actually get to sleep until around midnight. I slept through most of the night. Had strange dreams, but once again, I did not remember any of them once I woke up. I do know though that Ben was not in any of them. I have not dreamt of him since right after he died. Watched a hummingbird at my feeder this morning while I waited for Linda to come to go to my Grief Support Group with me. The group was much smaller today. We were thinking that a lot of the people went to the Ventura Country Fair on the Senior Center Trip Bus today. Today was “Senior's Day” at the fair. Linda and I had originally planned to go today, but when we heard it was “Senior's Day” we changed our minds because we were thinking how crowded it would be with all of the senior centers taking busloads of people up there from all over. After the group, DeDee, Linda and I went to the pizza buffet for lunch. I'm starting to get a little “burned out” on the pizza, so I think next week, I may suggest we go elsewhere. On the way home, Linda and I stopped by Wal-Mart. My paper shredder “crapped” out on me this morning. Something inside of it broke. I was shredding something this morning when I was paying some bills and I heard a “thunk” noise and when I lifted the top off of the shredder there was something on the inside “rattling” around. I've had that shredder for about 5 years, so I decided it was time to get a new one. Wal-Mart had one on sale for $20. Came home and after Linda left, I gathered up my trash to put out for collection tomorrow and washed all of my waste baskets out really good. Got up into the low 90's here today but didn't feel that hot because there is a strong breeze blowing.

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  1. I didn't sleep very much last night. Kept waking up ever 10 min or so. Never closed my eyes until around 12 to start with. Part of the problem was knowing I would have to take Ken to the hospital this morning for a procedure and worrying if he was going to be ok. I am praying that he will.


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