Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday With Friends

Did not sleep well last night. I stayed up to watch the rerun of the Hallmark movie that I fell asleep during on Saturday night. Went to bed around 11:00 but was wide awake so I took the laptop to bed with me. Got bored with that so watched a little TV until I finally fell asleep around 2:00 am after I took a sleep aid pill. Went outside this morning to fill the birdbath and water my plant and I noticed there was a soft cool breeze in the air. It felt a little like fall. Didn't feel like the warm breezes like we normally get in summer. According to the date, Ben has been gone 2 months today even though it was actually a Wednesday when he died. My friend Linda and I met Ben's best friend Ed at the Sizzler in Sunland, CA for lunch today. Ben and I used to meet Ed there at least every couple of months for lunch. After Ben died, Ed told me he wanted to keep up the tradition. Ed has taken Ben's passing very hard. Lunch was really nice. The last time Linda and I met with Ed was not long after Ben had passed away and I was very quiet that day, not contributing much to the conversation. I was feeling so low because having lunch with Ed just brought back how much more Ben was not there with us. Today I did much better. I almost lost it a couple of times when we'd talk about Ben, but I held it together. Very warm here today. When I picked up the mail I noticed that I got another $10 gift card from Kohl's, so I guess I'll be heading up there next week to look around. Got up to around 99 degrees.


  1. Sounds like you are taking those necessary,little steps to healing.Way to go.

  2. I was just passing through and popping on blogs that I've never been on before. So greetings folks from Lebanon county's Amish community. Richard


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