Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Therapeutic Tuesday

My brother Keith showed up at my door this morning. His job sent him here to Santa Clarita today to do a noise reading. I went to my Grief Support Group where I caught up with my friend DeDee. Had about 20 people there today and about 3 new people. Seems like every week we are getting more and more new members. There was one woman there who asked why she was still feeling so bad and not feeling like she was getting any better. She didn't tell us how long she had been widowed, but she said she thinks about nothing except for the fact that her husband is no longer here with her. I can kind of relate to that. One of the guys in the group said he could not get his head around the “why” his wife died. Judy, our therapist said it's not good to ask “why” because the answers we get will lead to more “whys”. Then he asked how long the “water works” will go on. Judy told him it's different for everyone. Keith did his day time readings for his work while I was at the group and then he met DeDee and me at Round Table Pizza for lunch. After we left the pizza parlor and DeDee headed home, Keith and I went out looking at GPSs. I did buy on at Wal-Mart and I hope I'll like it. I didn't want to pay a lot for one, so I got an inexpensive small one but it did come with the lifetime map updates. I will have to buy a AC charger for it as it only came with a car charger and a USB that plugs into the computer. Will have to go out and look for one of those this week. Linda and I had a hike planned for tomorrow, but she emailed me and said she was not feeling well so has asked that we reschedule. Keith will be with me until around 7:00 pm when he'll have to head back out to do his night time readings for his work and then he will head for home in Orange, CA.

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