Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Little Cooler Today

Woke up out of a deep sleep and a strange dream this morning. I was dreaming I was “underwater” but not really. More like being in a closed in area where the water was above you but you were “encased” and dry and you could look up through the water and see ships passing above you. Then I seemed to be standing on my front porch. I noticed it was very cloudy and getting dark and a kid was riding one of those 3-wheeled Spider motorcycles up my street. He lost control and crashed right through the front door of a house a few doors up from me. Must have been the pizza I had for lunch yesterday. I didn't eat any dinner last night. Anyway, got up around 6:30 to let Hiker outside. When she came back in, we went back to bed until a little after 7:00 and went for a morning walk. Felt like Fall out this morning (finally). Came home and had some breakfast and then Hiker when outside and took a nap on the patio. Got up to around 93° today which is still hot but at least it was not 103°.


  1. I have weird dreams like that all the time ~ wonder what they mean? 93 degrees ~ that's still too warm for me. We're suppose to really cool down this weekend ~ they're calling for the low 40's and possible 30's .. even chance of snow already. Our seasons are too short up here in the north woods ~ with the exception of winter. That bugger, Old Man Winter likes to hang around forever when he does show.

  2. I remember fall in California. It always seemed warmer and drier than summer. And then the Santa Ana's come and you start to feel like you are living in a dryer. I hate fall in California!


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