Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hiker's Not Feeling Well

I didn't sleep much last night. Around dinner time yesterday, I noticed her having trouble getting up on the sofa and on the bed. She would hesitate before she'd jump up and then she would give out a kind of “moaning” sound. During the night, she would try to move around on the bed and she would make the “moaning” sound every time she tried to move. She is still eating normally and she plays with me, plus she seems to be going to the bathroom OK. I took her for a short walk to the park this morning and she seemed to have no problem walking and she even ran a little bit. When we got home, I had to go get my Lottery tickets and asked Hiker if she wanted to ride with me in the car and she ran right out and jumped into the front seat. After we got back, she was getting up and down on the sofa and the ottoman and only “moaned” a little. She was evening chasing me through the house, attacking my feet like she does when we play. She heard Jean's dogs barking and went to where I keep her leash and she looked at it and then at me as if she was asking if we were going on a dog walk this morning, but Jean is heading for AZ today so there was no dog walk. Since she seemed to be doing better today than she was last night, I decided to just keep an eye on her and if she didn't improve more, I'd take her to a vet somewhere. She does not have a specific vet. I'm thinking she just pulled a muscle a little yesterday some time and hopefully it will heal on its own. It really felt like Fall here this morning. I even put on long jeans when Hiker and I went for a short walk. Was only about 57° this morning. Hiker seemed to be somewhat better by late morning. She had been chasing a moth out on the patio earlier. I noticed that she did not jump up and down like she usually does when I give her her mid-day snacks, but she seemed to be moving around much better and not “moaning” like she was. In the afternoon, I gave Hiker 2 baby aspirin to try to help her with her pain. I looked online to make sure it was OK to give it to her and it said it was. By 2:00 I still had not turned on my A/C so I'm hoping that Fall has finally made its appearance here in SoCal.

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