Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New Members At Group

Didn't go for a morning walk because I was going to my grief support group today. Decided not to go to lunch today because I had some errands I needed to run and some things I needed to do at home. Was nice and cool outside this morning but we are still have very HOT afternoons. They say by the weekend we will down into the 80's which is “normal” for us here this time of year. Had a lot of people at our group session today. A couple of new people came. One of them sat next to me. She told me that her name was Jean and that her husband passed away in August, so it is very new for her. She didn't talk much because when she did, she would start to tear up. She said she came to our group because she needed “help” and I told her that we are all there for her. The other new woman (I didn't catch her name) said she saw my article in “The Mighty Oak” and that she had lost her husband and then had to put her dog down, so she decided she needed to come to the group. She said my article made her cry but that it helped her to realize that what she is feeling is “normal”. I told her I was sorry that I had made her cry but that I was glad that my article brought her to us. I am including a link to "The Mighty Oak" so you can see my article on Page 7. After group, some of the ladies asked me to go to lunch, but I had some errands to run and it was so hot outside, I just wanted to get home to Hiker. Stopped by Wal-Mart to pick up a few things and decided to grab a take & bake pizza to make for lunch. We hit 103° today.

Here is the link to "The Mighty Oak"


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  1. It is great that you have been able to help others who are grieving. Great article it is straight forward and honest and very understandable how you feel. My sister in law feels the same.


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