Sunday, October 21, 2012

Got My New Hot Water Heater

Another overcast day when Hiker and I pulled ourselves out of bed. For a moment it appeared that the sun was going to peek out, but then it went back behind the clouds again. My handy man and his assistant got here around 9:05 am and started working in my hot water heater closet. Since I live in a manufactured home, the access to the water heater is on the outside of the house. He had the old tank out in no time, but then he had to spend his time putting a new floor in the closet as the old one was rotting away from getting wet. He also had to put a new closet door on because the old was had gotten warped from the dampness and would not close once he got it open. Around 10:15 am, the sun started to peek out some again. Took the guys 4 ½ hours to remove the old hot water heater, put in new pipes, replace the floor to the water heater closet, replace the door to the closet and install the new hot water heater. They did a really good job. These guys live here in my community and work for the community as a “maintenance crew”, but some of them work on their own on the weekends. When Ben had a professional plumber replace our last hot water heater, they did not do a very good job, in fact, the night after the installed it, the tank tilted and the cold water pipe broke and it was spewing water all over the place. Ben had to call them back that night and make them fix it in the dark. The did not put very good earthquake supports on it either. Daniel put really good quake supports around the tank and it won't move at all. After they got done and left, I took Hiker for a 1.5 mile walk. It was still cloudy but in the low 70's.

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