Monday, October 15, 2012

Summer Is Back

Got up earlier this morning since we had a dog-walk/play date with Jean and her dogs. It was about 52° at 6:15 am. Was nice out on our walk with a cool breeze. Hiker sure loves to use her “herding” skills on Jean's little dog Sassy. After Jean left, I decided to head over to Kaiser and do the blood work my doctor requested today instead of waiting until Wednesday. I want to start shampooing my carpet and this way I can start it on Wednesday. I lucked out at Kaiser. I got there around 10:00 am and I only sat in the waiting room for about 3 minutes before the tech called me in. When I left there, I was heading over to Home Depot to pick up some D-Con Rat Poison. I slowed to turn into the driveway at Home Depot and I heard a loud POP on the front right side of my Corolla. I thought I had a blow out. I pulled into the parking lot and got out to look, but the tire looked fine. I walked back over to the driveway and saw that there was a pot hole and I'm guessing that maybe I hit the pot hole and that is what made the loud POP. The car seemed fine on the way home. Looking forward to going to my grief group tomorrow. I missed it last week since I was on vacation and I miss my friends there. Got up to 97° here today.

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