Monday, October 1, 2012

Are We Sure It's October?

Good thing I set my alarm clock for this morning because last night I was having trouble going to sleep so I took a sleeping pill. I was in a very deep sleep when my alarm woke both me and Hiker up at 6:30 am. I had to leave at 8:00 am to be at Kaiser's Radiology Lab by 8:45. This year the mammogram was not as bad as it was last year. This technician was a lot more gentle than the one last year. I was out of Kaiser by 9:00 and so I headed over to The Auto Club to get my vehicle registrations. Neither Kaiser or AAA were very busy this morning. I heard someone say it was because it is “Fall Break” for the kids in school. They just started back to school from summer the first week of September and already they have “Fall Break”? Guess the poor little things cannot go t school for a month without one. Ridiculous! When I got home, I went down to our community office to pay my monthly land lease and to have our community manager give me information for houses that had sold in the past year so I could send in that form to see if I can get a decrease in my property taxes. I went online and checked how much I owe this year and I see that my taxes went up about $105 from last year even though my house is worth about 1/3 what I originally paid for it. Hopefully mailing the form in will help and I will get an adjustment from the county assessor. Hiker was showing me how smart she is again. I had mentioned awhile back how she barked at me when she thought I had not taken something out of the oven when the timer dinged. I always give her a little mid-day snack and I called her in from outside telling her it was time for her snack. I went into the kitchen to wash my hands and then I was going to get her snack, but instead, my mind went blank and I went to do something else. Hiker was sitting in the kitchen waiting and when I didn't come back, she started to whimper very loudly. Suddenly I remembered I was supposed to feed her...DUH! Good thing she remembered (LOL). She is probably thinking that her MaMa is really dumb. Got up to about 108° here this afternoon. Are we sure it is October?

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