Thursday, October 25, 2012

Had Lunch With The Retired Girls

I've been getting lazy in the morning. The bed feels so good that I just do not want to get out of it. Did not take Hiker for walk this morning. I did take her with me to get my Lotto tickets and I had to stop by the UPS Store. I went to have lunch with my Lockheed retired girlfriends in Palmdale today. We had a good time. We were all talking about our Open Enrollment for our health insurance through Lockheed, saying that we had not gotten our paperwork yet and when I got home, found my paperwork in my mailbox. My friend Judy Holdt bought Hiker a Halloween tennis ball and when I gave it to Hiker when I got home, she started playing with it immediately. She loves new toys. The wind was not blowing when we left for Palmdale, but when we got back to Santa Clarita, the wind had picked up and it is supposed to get worse tonight, in fact we will have a high wind warning and high fire danger warning. The local news always talks about how dry it is and how the winds will cause such high fire danger. It like they are just saying to all of the arsons...”Hey guys, grab your matches and get out there”. When I got home I took Hiker out for a walk and there was smoke about 5 miles to the west of me. It was a brush fire behind the Santa Clarita Metro Station. There were fixed-winged water droppers and water dropping helicopters all over the place. Looks like it was almost out by the time Hiker and I got back home. I just hope the wind does not cause any damage. Because of the Santa Ana Winds, we got up to 82° today.

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