Sunday, October 14, 2012

Busy Morning - Warm Day

Got up around 7:30 am, had a small breakfast and then went outside and washed both of my vehicles. My 4Runner was filthy from the trip up north. Had bugs all over it. While the vehicles were drying in the sun, I pulled some weeds out of my front flower bed and then cleaned the windows on both vehicles. Got Hiker into the Corolla and headed down to the liquor store to buy my Lotto tickets for Wednesday and then when we got back, I took Hiker for a 1.5 mile walk. After the walk, I tossed my sheets and towels into the washing machine the sat down to rest for awhile before vacuuming the carpet. It's no wonder Hiker is such a ham when I get my camera out. Yesterday my friend Marla kept going on about how beautiful Hiker was and today while on our walk, I had 3 people stop me and ask what kind of dog she was and tell me what a beautiful dog she is. I think all of the compliments are going to Hiker's head (LOL). I've quit giving her “human” food and cut back some on her dog food to try to help her to lose the weight the vet suggested. Last week I received an email from Kaiser telling me my doctor wants me to go in for some lab work. I take Lisinopril for my blood pressure and they like to do tests every now and then to make sure it's not doing anything to my kidneys. I was going to go in next Wednesday morning even though I don't have to fast for this, but now I'm thinking I might go tomorrow after Jean and I do our dog-walk. I've been wanting to get started on shampooing my carpet and I'd like to start on that Wednesday morning. Got up to 92° today, just as the TV meteorologist said, but didn't feel that hot due to some stiff breezes.

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