Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Little Cooler

I was so sleepy when Hiker woke me up at 6 am. I went back to sleep for an hour and was still tired at 7 am. I stayed up last night watching “Under The Dome”. Went to my support group at the Senior Center. One of our ladies now has a “live-in” caregiver who came with her today. The caregiver was really nice and seems to really care about people. We had a new person come to group today. I remembered her from the Caregivers Support Group that I went to when Ben was in the hospital. Her husband had Alzheimer's and passed away a short time ago. Still hot here in SoCal but not as oppressive. It's been in the 90's which is still too hot for me but much better than the 100's. It was a little overcast all day too. The wind kicked up this afternoon making me worry a bit about July 4th coming up with people shooting off fireworks. Everything is so dry here. My older brother called me again this afternoon and while talking to him, Hiker kept losing her deer antler under the sofa and she'd sit there and whine until I got it out. She kept losing it in the exact same place and finally it got so far under that I had to make her wait until I got off the phone to get it. Had to get a stick and my grabber to get it out. Silly dog.

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