Friday, July 5, 2013

Semi-Cool Friday

Hiker and I had our Friday dog walk with Jean and her dogs. It was overcast and cool this morning. Jean and I told each other how our dogs reacted to the fireworks last night. Hiker was nervous and would not settle down. She would run from one room to the other trying to “get away” from the noise. I finally took her into my bedroom around 8:45 pm, closed the door, turned on the fans and the TV and got on the bed with her and cuddled her. She finally settled down and went to sleep around midnight. Jean said she found her Charlie and Timmy hiding in the bathtub during all of the fireworks. Her little Sassy was hiding under the sofa. After our play date with the dogs, I went up to Stater Brothers and did my weekly grocery shopping. The sun started peeking out some by that time. It stayed pretty cool compared to what we had been last week.


  1. Glad you were able to distract Hiker from the noise.

  2. Tugie went under the covers - before bed time she sat b/w two of us on the sofa and snuggled against us. She doesn't like thunder or fireworks. She was in the house alone when the tornado went by years ago - tore houses up two streets over. We only got debri thank goodness but I'm sure it was very loud so she seems to get bothered by booming/windy noises. Hope you are having a good Saturday and hope your brother gets better soon.


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